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Smart Home - HomeServer | GIRA

  • Use

    Smart building control system
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, interior, exterior
  • Characteristics

    Provides access to entire building controls, remote access via Gira app
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More about this product

Gira smart home products can be used to create an extended home network, in both new and renovated buildings. Gira's smart home system combines lighting, heating, blinds, and audio control in one system. Gira offers a wired KNX solution as well as a wireless system. In the wireless version, control is conveniently carried out via a pushbutton. The Gira G1 touch screen allows users to switch lights on and off, turn the heating down, or lower roller shutters and blinds. With the "central off" function every controlled feature in the building can be easily turned off, making it convenient and energy-saving.

Gira - HomeServer

The Gira HomeServer is an onboard computer for intelligent buildings. It connects the KNX system's electrical installation to the computer network and internet, thereby allowing intelligent building technology to be controlled centrally regardless of the user's location.

Additional technologies can be seamlessly integrated through door intercoms, cameras, and audio units, as well as systems from other manufacturers for the bathroom, kitchen, or home entertainment. Expanding the KNX system with the Gira HomeServer offers numerous advantages including:

  • Occupants enjoy the full Gira experience with maximum convenience, security, and energy efficiency
  • The award-winning Gira Interface makes controlling intelligent technology enjoyable by enabling complex scenarios to be controlled easily

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