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Switches - S-Color | GIRA

Switches - S-Color Switches - S-Color Switches - S-Color Switches - S-Color
  • Use

    Light switch
  • Applications

    Residential, interior, unique color range
  • Characteristics

    Rounded edges, wall mounted
  • Colors

    Pure white, grey, black, blue, red
  • Certification

    Haus Industrieform Essen Award, Roter Punkt Design Award, iF DESIGN AWARD
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More about this product

The Gira S-Color design line has a unique 80s aesthetic. With its distinctive round switches, the Gira S-Color design line is unmistakable. S-Color offers over 100 functions, making it highly versatile. The S-Color light switches are both functional and ideal for creating a mid-century interior style.

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