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Doors - Anti-Finger-Trap Janisol 2 EI30 | Jansen
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Doors - Anti-Finger-Trap Janisol 2 EI30 | Jansen

  • Use

    Fire doors
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Anti-finger-trap design, non-insulated profiles, dry or wet glazing, minimal depths, can be flush-fitted, easy-access threshold option

More about this product

The Janisol 2 EI30 anti-finger-trap fire doors reduce the potential risk of injury at the secondary closing edge to a minimum thanks to rounded half-shells. They are therefore particularly suitable for buildings with heavy public use, e.g. schools, shopping centers, railway stations, and airports. The anti-finger-trap door looks identical to other Jansen anti-finger-trap doors without fire protection rating. In addition, the door can be fitted with many types of glass and is easy and efficient to assemble.

Frame Material

Steel is neither flammable nor does it suffer any significant loss of its inherent stability in
the event of a fire. For this reason, it is predestined for use as a material in the fabrication
of fire doors and glazing.

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