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Soundproof Phone Booths - Framery One | Framery

  • Use

    Calls, video conferences
  • Applications

    Office phone booth
  • Characteristics

    Acoustic absorption, echo-free comfortable working, fast installation, sustainably-sourced materials, smooth airflow, LED lighting, electric air circulation, occupancy sensor, wireless charger, seismic anchors
  • Colors

    Exterior: White, black, gray, blue, dark blue, yellow, pink, green
  • Sizes

    225 cm x 122 cm x 100 cm (h, w, d) | 88,8 in x 47,9 in x 40 in (h, w, d)
  • Certification

    ISO 23351-1 standard for sound insulation

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More about this product

Framery One, is the first digital soundproof pod from Framery. Framery One is not only stylish and super smart, it incorporates the latest technology, leading sound insulation standards, and echo-free acoustics. Framery One provides a highly adaptable workspace where users won’t be disturbed by outside noise or distractions.

In Framery One, the pod’s settings and adjustments controlled with the swipe of a card. Want to dim the lighting or adjust the airflow? You can manage the booth using the high-res touchscreen and seamless UI. The occupancy light lets people outside know whether the pod is reserved or free to use. You can integrate the pod with the office calendar system so reservations can be made easily, or, if the pod is free, simply step inside and it will be reserved automatically. The UI will show an on-screen message to alert you when your booked slot is nearly up. Feel like you need more time? If no other bookings are coming up, the pod will automatically extend your session so you can continue working without interruption. Behind the scenes, Framery's digital management system, Framery Connect keeps the Framery One performing perfectly and alerts you to any potential issues.

Framery One is ideal for one person to produce exceptional work, without distractions. Both the seat and generous table (ranging from 70-120cm/27.6-47.2in in height) are designed to be easy to adjust, with footrests on the floor and fixed to the seat to keep you comfortable for long stretches. If you work best on your feet, there’s also the option to choose Framery One without a seat.

Key Facts

Designer Samu Hällfors
Country Finland
Launched 2021


  • Colors
    • 8 exterior panel colors
    • 4 interior panel colors
    • 8 seat fabric colors
    • 4 carpet colors
    • 3 table colors
  • Framery connect
  • Occupancy Indicator
  • Wireless charger
  • Activated carbon filter
  • LAN
  • Movability kit
  • Seismic anchors
  • UI panel
  • High-resolution touchscreen
  • Outlet: 1 power socket + USB socket + optional LAN (extra cost)


  • Exterior
    Painted deep-drawn steel panels
  • Glass
    Sound control laminated glass
  • Frame
    High gloss black frames made from steel & aluminum
  • Interior
    • Solid Walls and Roof
      A sandwich element of sheet metal & recycled acoustic foam. Fabric interior panels and an anti-static and stain-resistant low loop pile carpet for the floor
    • Table
      Formica laminate on birch plywood with varnish trim

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