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Bi-Folding Doors - Combiline | Solarlux
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Bi-Folding Doors - Combiline | Solarlux

  • Use

    Folding doors
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Water tightness up to 7A, bi-folding, mechanical locking mechanism, aluminum structure cladded in wood beams, thermal insulation, all-around sealing, customizable folding and finishes available

More about this product

The Combiline Bi-Folding doors from Solarlux complement a family of folding glass door systems. With high-performing technical specifications and a number of adjustable looks – from traditional aluminium to the new wood and wood/aluminium variants – the bi-folding door offers maximum creative freedom for designers. The folding doors are easy to open or close with wings that slide silently and easily either right or left, to the inside or the outside.

Combiline employs the sustainable benefits of FSC and PEFC-certified wood, allowing waxed, oiled, stained, or opaque surface finishes. The combination of wood and aluminum profiles allows for maximum drainage. The profiles are finished with multi-laminated wood, and the sub-frame is made with Solarlux's traditional aluminum structure with unique cladding of solid wood beams.


Overall depth 86 mm
Sight line 147 mm
Panel height up to 2.80 m
Thermal transmission Ug = 1.1 W/m²K

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