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Balcony Glazing - SL Comfort Façade | Solarlux
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Balcony Glazing - SL Comfort Façade | Solarlux

  • Use

    Balcony glazing
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, patios
  • Characteristics

    Safety glass, customizable, full transparency, weather-resistant, controlled ventilation, height adjustable, flush floor track

More about this product

Solarlux's Comfort façade concept ensures that solar warmth generated between the two façades is used to heat rooms in winter. In summer, excess heat is expelled by aerating the façade space. The result is a considerable reduction in energy consumption and CO₂ emissions associated with thermal management. With Solarlux's balcony glazing a balcony is occupiable year-round. The uninsulated glazing system offers weather protection and noise reduction, allowing the balcony space to be open air in desirable weather or closed in bad weather.

The passive climate concept is based on the opening of windows. Ventilation and air-conditioning can be individually determined by residents, according to personal preference. Options range from a completely closed façade to various partial opening variations to allow in the open air. By opening the panels of the inner and outer façade at an angle, the flow of air can be controlled in a targeted manner without draughts. The opportunities to actively influence the climate, work in daylight and interact with nature thanks to the open façade promote well-being, ensure significantly improved thermal conditions (since cold air is simply not blown into the room) and thus positively affect productivity.

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