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  • Use

    Interior accessories
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Scandinavian based design, products available globally, produced for longevity, suitable for high-traffic use, suited to modern spaces
  • Sizes

    Ø: 13 cm / 5,1", H: 19 cm / 7,5" | Ø: 14 cm / 5,5". H: 12 cm / 4,7" | Ø: 22 cm / 8,7", H: 32 cm / 12,6"

More about this product

The idea behind Troll Vase from MENU started as a study of the properties of glass – examining how the intensity of color changes depending on the thickness of the material. The result is a vase featuring a dynamic change of thickness throughout, from solid colored base to a thin transparent, bubble-like top.

Troll takes its name from a painting by the famed Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen, depicting a mythological water spirit, Nøkken, rising from the dark waters of a forest pond. This rounded vessel with a unique expression is available in three sizes.

Materials and Finishes

  • Materials – Mouth-Blown Glass
  • Colors – Amber

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