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Tensile Architecture: Pressostatic/Inflatables | Lastra y Zorrilla
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Tensile Architecture: Pressostatic/Inflatables | Lastra y Zorrilla

  • Use

    Presostatic structures
  • Applications

    Commercial, cultural, public, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Automated air injection, hidden opening for air input, only require a power source for installation, synclastic shape

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Lastra y Zorrilla

More about this product

Lastra & Zorilla textile architecture includes presostatic structures. These structures require the difference in pressure between the environment they enclose and the outside in order to remain standing.


The shape and joints of the inflatable structures are designed so that the air escapes as little as possible. There are always leaks, but the important thing is that the air that enters exceeds the one that leaves, that way, it will always remain standing.

Achieving Pressure Difference

Automated equipment injects large volumes of air to achieve a given internal pressure in order to achieve the projected shape. A hose feeds the air through an opening prepared on the surface of the textile, usually hidden.


The most common materials for inflatable structures are PVC or clear PVC. The material used needs to be both flexible and resistant, allowing the pieces to fold well without risking damage during transport or assembly. The most important thing is that air cannot escape through the fabric, otherwise, it will never inflate.


Lastra & Zorilla creates inflatable tensile architecture for events and industrial purposes:

  • Pavilions
  • Showrooms
  • Storage silos

Inflatables are an excellent option when an easily removable mobile enclosure is required, they only need a power source for the inflation equipment.

Shape and Form

Inflatables will always have a synclastic shape with the main curvatures of the surfaces going in the same direction, thus generating a rounded bubble / cushion-type geometry.

Possible Sizes

The maximum possible span of an inflatable mostly depends on the material in which it is made and the loads it will be subjected to. A study with the proposed geometry, material characteristics, and project loads can define the maximum size that these elements can have.


Inflatables tend to be fixed in one of three ways:

  • Ballasted
  • Strapped with ties
  • Fixed to a structure that keeps them on the ground

Calculating Cost

Inflatables are so varied in design so pricing depends greatly on a variety of things:

  • Material used
  • Fixing quantity and type
  • Necessary inflation equipment
  • Complexity of manufacture
  • Complexity of assembly

Contact manufacturer

Lastra y Zorrilla

Contact manufacturer

Contact manufacturer

Lastra y Zorrilla

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