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Revolving Door System - KTV Secure | dormakaba
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Revolving Door System - KTV Secure | dormakaba

  • Use

    Secure revolving doors
  • Applications

    Hospitality, commercial, sporting, residential, corporate
  • Characteristics

    Stand-alone access controlled entrance, different versions available, low-energy motor drive, easy access

More about this product

dormakaba provides smart access and security solutions. Their services encompass everything around the door and secure access to buildings and rooms.

The KTV-Secure revolving door system is an intelligent, elegant safety door ideal for buildings with a security entrance requirement. The KTV-Secure system is characterized by its high flexibility.


  • Automatic Security revolving door with Low-Energy motor drive
  • Stand-alone access controlled entrance
  • Monitored compartments for safety and intruder protection
  • Available as a three- or four-wing version


  • Integrated Solutions
    The entire range of automatic doors are designed to be fully integrated with our CODIC MasterCard or MATRIX Professional Electronic Access Control solutions.
  • Access control on entry and exit
    The KTV Secure is a revolving door with access control possible from both sides of the door. The system is activated via devices such as a card reader, keypad or fingerprint reader by users with access authorization.
  • Easy access
    Servomatic revolving door. A manually activated door with assistance on demand to make the door light and easy for the user to rotate.
  • Remote Shock-Stop Function (optional)
    Thanks to the gear coupling, the turnstile of the KTV Secure revolving door system may stop and lock in any position upon activation of a switch mounted either at the door or at a remote location.
  • Uninterruptible power supply (optional)
    Whenever the KTV Secure door system detects a power failure, it locks in its starting position with the aid of a shock-stop gear coupling backed up electromechanically by the bolt locking device. The door system will resume its standard function as soon as the power supply is reinstated.

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