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Mobile Workspace - GPod | Gustafs

  • Available in

  • Use

    Meeting room, mobile workspace
  • Applications

    Office interiors
  • Characteristics

    Sound insulation, flexible layouts, integral wheels, customizable design, sustainably sourced wood,
  • Sizes

    Total footprint: 2425x1250 mm | Total height: 2380 mm | Floor space: 2000x1220 mm | Standing height: 2010 mm
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More about this product

Gustafs Gpod is a mobile workspace and meeting room for up to four people. World-class sound absorption goes with timeless Scandinavian design with a robust timber frame and Nano perforated wooden cladding. The Gpod is available with various configurations.

Gpod Mini

Gpod Mini is a space for private phone calls, and a room for undisturbed work with all the same features of the Gpod but in a smaller size with two layout options.

Gpod Gpod Mini


Due to Gustafs unique Nano perforation, the beautiful wooden surfaces give great sound-absorbing coefficients for comfortable conversations, face to face or by video. The silent high airflow ventilation system completes the total acoustic experience.

Flexible Layouts

The Gpod is available with many configurations that can be changed any time. The pod is quickly transformed from conference room, to meeting room, to coffee room or a working room for up to four people. All layouts have height-adjustable tables and seating solutions.

Flexible Placement

With integral wheels, the Gustafs Gpod can be easily and precisely moved around and repositioned. The power inlet options are multi-universal and the double doors give easy access and make the Gpod double-sided.


When designing your Gpod, you can choose if you want the frame and interior with a veneer of ash, oak, walnut or cherry tree.

Gustafs Gpod can be produced in two different designs:

  • Gustafs Gpod Linear
    Produced with the popular Gustafs Linear Ribs on the sidewalls, creating a beautiful piece of art placed in offices or in public spaces.
  • Gustafs Gpod Nano
    Bringing out the best of Gustafs architectural wooden panels with vibrant textures and colors.

Intelligent Workspace

Gpod, the first intelligent pod in the world is equipped with Ochno Technology System, an intelligent system that measures presence, air quality and temperature. Lights and fans are automatically controlled by a sensor that adapts to how the pods are used. These parameters can also be set themselves and adjusted for when no one is in the pod, when people are inside or with delays after usage.

Automatic control is easily overridden through the associated mobile app, or with dimmers on the pod’s inner walls. The system also provides Gpod with electrical outlets in the form of modern USB-C connectors, and since the entire system is connected, current status and statistics are given on how much and in what way the pod is used.


Inspired by the surrounding forests in Sweden, Gustafs only used nature-based materials when developing Gpod. No plastic, but instead wood from naturally sustainable sources. The panels contain 94% recycled materials, with 17% coming from post-consumer goods. 100% of the electricity in production comes from renewable sources.

To aid design, CAD/STP downloads are available.

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