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Door Handle Crete EL27/ELRM 27 (71) | Karcher Design
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Door Handle Crete EL27/ELRM 27 (71) | Karcher Design

  • Use

    Door handles
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Made of stainless steel, adhere to industry guidelines, designed by Karcher Design with recognized designers, trademark fixing assembly
  • Certification

    In accordance to DIN/EN1906

More about this product

The in-house research and development team at Karcher Design creates stainless steel fittings alongside recognized designers. The designs always carry Karcher Design's trademark fixing assembly.

Lever version, EL27/ELRM 27 Crete

EL27 ELRM 27
EL27 ELRM 27
  • ELV27 Crete
    Lever sets for standard doors acc. to DIN EN 1906, category of use 3, lever version
  • EL/EN 27 Crete
    Lever sets for projects acc. to DIN EN 1906, category of use, 4 lever version

Standard Features

  • Backplate 200 x 40 mm
  • With triple fixing
  • Nylon floating bearing
  • Sprung loaded inner plate with attached lever
  • ELV and EL/EN unsprung with solid steel plate
  • Heavy-duty bolt through M5 fixings
  • 8 mm offset drilled spindle
  • Standard door thickness: 37 - 43 mm
  • Diameter of handle: 19 mm


  • UN (latch)
  • BB (key hole),
  • PZ (euro profile),
  • BAD (bathroom turn/release)
  • FS (fire resisting set)
  • ELV (category of use 3)
  • EL/EN (category of use 4)


Satin stainless steel

Karcher Article No.

  • EL27 UN 71 (latch)
  • EL27 BB0 71 (key hole)
  • EL27 PZ0 71 (euro profile)
  • ELV27 PZ0 71 (Grade 3 euro profile lever set)
  • EL/EN27 PZ0 71 (Grade 4 euro profile lever set)
  • EL27 BAD 71 (bathroom turn/release)
  • EL/FS27 PZ0 71 (fire resisting set in euro profile)

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