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Solid Wood Table - sigma t-1560 | horgenglarus
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Solid Wood Table - sigma t-1560 | horgenglarus

  • Use

    Interior furniture
  • Applications

    Residential, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Table top thickness 24mm, table frames along sided 15cm, crosswise sided 9cm restores
  • Sizes

    Table lower edge 63.5cm; Table height 74cm

More about this product

Sigma's clear lines embody the archetypical wooden table like a child would draw it: solid legs, a frame for the necessary stability, a table top. This familiar shape creates a feeling of homeliness. Its large even surfaces bring out the best in the grain of native woods. This horgenglarus in-house construction with its simple elegance is also called a Biedermeier table Great store is laid by craftsmanship. The wood for this 24mm tabletop is assembled individually and joined to the recessed frame with a floating installation so it can shrink and expand.

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