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Metal Cladding System | Kriskadecor

  • Use

    Cladding system
  • Applications

    From small facilities to coverage of entire buildings
  • Characteristics

    Quick installation, allows ventilation, low maintenance, super light materials, chains and profiles are made of 99% aluminium, a highly sustainable and recyclable material
  • Format

    The system adapts to any facade design both technically and visually.
  • Colors

    Wide standard palette (10.000h tests)
  • Certification

    Hardware system is guaranteed for 10 years

More about this product

Kriskadecor’s outdoor cladding system -KDC Thin System- is based on aluminium chains that generate a customizable metal surface, allowing the reproduction of patterns and images. This solution allows the coverage of large spaces in a highly personalized way since the multiple options permit developing exclusive projects.

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