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Odour Extraction - DuoFresh | Geberit
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Odour Extraction - DuoFresh | Geberit

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    Air purification, odour reduction, automated

More about this product

The Geberit DuoFresh module removes the bad air directly from the WC ceramic appliance, purifies it using a ceramic honeycomb filter and then returns it to the room. This is extremely effective, as it prevents unpleasant odours from spreading throughout the bathroom in the first place, rendering air fresheners, lighting matches, opening windows and the like completely unnecessary. Thanks to a proximity sensor, the odour extraction always switches on automatically as soon as someone sits down on the toilet. The odour extraction is therefore also a great idea for guest WCs. Benefit from additional comfort thanks to an LED orientation light and the insert for in-cistern sticks.

Features / Benefits:

  • With the exception of the transformer, all components are installed using the service opening of the cistern. In accordance with regulations, the transformer is stowed elsewhere – for example in a flush-mounting box with service opening.
  • Thanks to a special mechanism, the actuator plate can be lifted up with one hand, making it easier to replace consumables.
  • The insert for in-cistern blocks is readily accessible behind the actuator plate.
  • The duration and intensity of the orientation light can be adjusted via the app.

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