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Quantum® Lighting Handling System | Lutron

  • Use

    Lighting control
  • Applications

    Corporate, educational, healthcare, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Energy-saving, improves comfort and productivity

More about this product

Lutron presents its lighting control system, Quantum®, which improves comfort and productivity while saving energy. This system gives control of, not only artificial or electrical light but also natural light or daylight, thanks to a modern technology that saves costs and delivers comfort and quality to the spaces.


Optimize electric light and daylight to save energy and create a productive and comfortable visual environment.
Most of today's buildings are overlit because the space has enough daylight; or that the lights are set to a higher level than is appropriate for people inside; or because the spaces are lit despite not being occupied. This wastes energy, causes discomfort and reduces productivity.


Handle lighting with Quantum.
Quantum manages both electric and daylight, not only to save energy and simplify operations but also to improve the comfort and productivity of people in your building.


A typical commercial building of 4 650 m² spends about USD 45,000 a year on energy for lighting. Much of that money is wasted due to inefficient lighting control. By optimizing electric light and daylight, Quantum can reduce those costs by 60% or more, while also greatly improving the visual environment.


  • Saves electricity and protects the environment. Reduce greenhouse gases by eliminating unnecessary energy use.
  • Save money. Reduce operating costs
  • Create a more flexible space. The illuminated areas and with curtains can be reconfigured without rewiring.
  • Increase productivity and comfort. With preferred lighting levels and automated curtain control.

Key components of the total handling of Quantum® lighting

Energi Savr Node

  • Connects wired and wireless lighting and areas with curtains in a space.

Sivoia® QS daylight controls

  • Reduce sun glare and heat and increase comfort, productivity and energy savings without obstructing the view.

Electronic motorization unit

  • Ultra-quiet curtain control with precise alignment.

Controls for GRAFIK Eye® QS Scenes and Light Zones


  • Controls multiple curtains and lighting zones; Create light scenes at the touch of a button.

Wall keypads

  • Select your preferred light level and adjust the curtains silently at the touch of a button.

Radio Powr Savr® sensors

Presence sensor

  • Saves energy and increases convenience by automatically turning off lights when space is empty, and turning them on when space is occupied.

Photoelectric sensor

  • Saves energy by reducing the use of electric light based on the amount of daylight.

Quantum® hub and power panels

Quantum hub

  • Connects all components of the Quantum system.

QS smart power panel

  • Offers low voltage power for Sivoia® QS curtains and accessories.

Power panels

  • Ability to dim and remotely switch to all common light sources, including incandescent, fluorescent, LED, CFL, halogen and neon.

Quantum software

Green Glance ™ software

  • Shows the occupants of the building energy and environmental savings.

Q-Manager ™ server

  • Is a computer that stores all the relevant information for reports and trends (light levels, sensor status, power consumption and more)

Q-Admin ™ software

  • Operates, configures, supervises, establishes clocks and creates reports centrally for the lighting of an entire building

Hyperion ™

  • A program that automatically adjusts the Sivoia® QS curtains throughout the day based on the position of the sun.

The Quantum system is ideal for office spaces, educational centers, health centers, hotels, and other buildings, also for new buildings or remodeling.

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