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Horizontal Blinds - Sivoia® QS Line | Lutron

  • Use

  • Applications

    Lighting control
  • Characteristics

    Choice of fabrics, translucency, scene control

More about this product

Horizontal Blinds join a soft translucent layer with sheets of fabric for the perfect filtration of sunlight inside a space, while preserving the panorama of the outside. Lutron horizontal blinds (Horizontal Sheer Blinds) are the perfect combination that gives your space elegance and privacy.


  • Elegance
    The delicate transparency and its sheets of fabric add a soft and elegant appearance to every space, while the blinds move almost silently
  • Charm
    The sheets of fabric are tilted in precise increments between open and closed positions, aligning perfectly with adjacent blinds
  • Privacy
    Translucent layers do not allow visibility from the outside, even when the slats are open

Scene control

Create the perfect environment with the press of a button:

Sivoia® QS Line Blinds Sivoia® QS Line Blinds Sivoia® QS Line Blinds
In the morning
Welcome the day. The blinds are raised to their previously established favorite level, allowing morning sunlight to penetrate the space
In the afternoon
The blinds are completely lowered and the slats open while the translucent curtain rejects the sun's rays so you can enjoy both daylight and scenery
At night
Relax comfortably. The blinds are lowered and the sheets are closed to decrease the amount of light in the space and to offer privacy

Choose from beautiful fabrics with light filtration and neutral fabrics for darkening a space in different sheet sizes. Add a fascia covered with the fabric that combines with the sheets of your blind to give it an elegant finish. Or you can also order your blind without the fascia to suspend it in the drawer or install it under an existing application.

Sivoia® QS Line Control

Additional Control Options

Operate your curtains from a remote control, a keypad or a mobile device. Integrate them with any Lutron or third-party system, and control them through a mobile device.

  • Pico wireless control
    You can mount it on the wall, on a table pedestal, or simply leave it as-is for use as a remote control.
  • Third-party integration
    The control of blinds (as well as lights) can be integrated with third-party systems, such as audiovisual equipment, for another level of control.
  • Mobile devices
    If you have a system, you will be able to control blinds, as well as lights, temperature, and electricity in reserve of household appliances, from your mobile device through a Lutron application, even when you are not at home.

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