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Outdoor Roof - Retractable | ShadeFX
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Outdoor Roof - Retractable | ShadeFX

  • Available in

  • Use

    Sun and rain protection, shade, privacy
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, hospitality

  • Characteristics

    Unlimited coverage, endless customization, weather protection, operation types, single track technology

  • Colors

    Hundreds of Colours
  • Guarantee

    12 year Warranty

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More about this product

ShadeFX custom retractable roofs provide complete coverage on virtually any structure. Mounting above the rafters, the retractable roof clears lights, fans, heaters, misters and other accessories required to complete any outdoor space.

Diverse shapes, orientation, settings and locations. ShadeFX's patented single track solution removes traditional alignment issues that multiple track systems have to consider and manage. This allows ShadeFX to mount to frames of all types including wood, without concern for jamming or binding. Further, the single track down the center of the roof provides the pitch required to effectively manage rain runoff. Paired with rain gutters, accumulating rainfall sheds to the sides of the system and into the troughs of the gutters, removing concern for pooled or standing water.

ShadeFX | Retractable Roofs

Most retractable roofs available on the market are comprised of plastic and metal materials and therefore come with a limited number of color options. ShadeFX's retractable roof has a fabric top, with hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, this allows the system to complement the space it covers. Fabric paired with polycarbonate panels is partially reflective and partly absorptive allowing the rain to softly hit the roof and gently run off the sides. Partially extend, or fully retract the system to find the perfect amount of sunlight or coverage for the space below.

ShadeFX | Retractable Roofs

Drive Option:

Motor Drive - ShadeFX motor drive systems use food machinery components for the drive belt, bearings, pulleys and transmission for ultra-durable and weather-resistant operation. Extend and retract up to a single 24′ roof at the push of a button.

ShadeFX motor drives and controls are supplied by Somfy. Available control options include hand-operated remotes, wall switches, and fully integrated home automation systems.

ShadeFX | Retractable Roofs

Fabric Selections:

Harbor Time Sunbrella Ferrari
Water Repellent (protects for life of fabric) Water Resistant (protects 24 to 48 hours) Water Proof (protects for life of fabric)
Solid Colors Only Solid Colors and Stripes Solid Colors Only
15 Colors Hundreds of Colors 40 Colors
Non Fire Resistant Non Fire Resistant Fire Resistant
7 Year Warranty 10 Year Warranty 10 Year Warranty

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