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Largo Fiber Cement Panel - Texial Finish | Swisspearl
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Largo Fiber Cement Panel - Texial Finish | Swisspearl

  • Use

    Facade cladding and interior application
  • Applications

    Residential, corporate, commercial, public
  • Characteristics

    Embossed surface, appearance of woven fabric, large format fiber cement panel
  • Sizes

    Maximum usable finished panel size: 3050 x 1250mm | Thickness: 8mm. Can be cut as required.
  • Certification

    Fire classification: A2-s1, d0, Environmental Product Declaration according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804
  • Guarantee


More about this product

Largo fiber cement panels from Swisspearl impart texture, color and character to façades and provide a highly effective protective layer. Swisspearl panels offer an extensive selection of surface options, joints/fastenings, and freely selectable panel formats within the maximum size.

Swisspearl Largo Texial Finish

Texial is a large format fiber cement panel with an embossed surface that gives the appearance of woven fabric. By manual embossing, every panel is one-of-a-kind and creates a vibrant interplay of light and shadow.

Texial 811

Tagline A collaboration between woven fabric and embossed fiber cement.
Base Panel Grey based sheet
Top layer Translucent lightly pigmented
Standard colors 5


The whole range from flat layer to lapped coverings, with face or concealed fastening as detailed in the Swisspearl Design & Installation Manual


The fiber cement panels are made from a blend of cement, wood pulp, reinforcing fibers and water, the mix is then processed and colored to form the cladding panels. The Swisspearl panels have delicate surface texture, a natural appearance and feel, and a carefully matched full-body color.

Texial 215 Texial 811 Texial 113
Texial 212

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