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VELUX Modular Skylights in Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council | VELUX Commercial
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VELUX Modular Skylights in Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council | VELUX Commercial

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    Modular skylight
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  • Characteristics

    Maximum daylight, self-supporting solution, reduced cost and sped up process, easy and fast to install, possibility of upright design, prevents glare and lets in a soft light when facing north, designed for installation directly in sloped roofs without adding a sub-construction
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VELUX Commercial

More about this product

Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown located in Dublin, is a county in Ireland. The project built in 2018, and designed by DLRCOCO Architect’s department, contemplated a new public space for the delivery of important council services and the modernization of the council building. As a requirement, they wanted to create a sense of vibrancy and openness, and also natural light and ventilation.

To achieve this, they chose the VELUX Modular Skylights system, which allowed both, light and ventilation. Another reason to opt for it was that this was the only product capable of bringing natural light in such a large space.


About Longlight 5°

This VELUX Modular Skylight, is a solution composed of a single row of modules, able to light up hallways, corridors, and large rooms. Using multiple rows it's ideal for large open areas.

Longlight can reduce the cost and speed up the interior works, and has a subtle expression.

About Wall-mounted Longlight 5°

This VELUX Modular Skylight is used to connect different building heights, and it's composed of modules mounted against a vertical wall at the top of the modules.

Wall-mounted Longhlight 5° brings light further into the building, and enables innovative solutions for new buildings and extensions, and is easy and fast to install.

About Northlight 70°

This VELUX Modular Skylight is composed of row modules, that can provide large amounts of glare-free daylight.

Northlight 70° is ideal for spaces that require soft light and does not require a sub-construction for installation. This solution allows fast and easy closure of the roof, reducing costs, and can be applied in sloped, shed or saw tooth roofs.

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VELUX Commercial

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Contact manufacturer

VELUX Commercial

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