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Porcelain Tiles - Coverlam Wood | Grespania
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Porcelain Tiles - Coverlam Wood | Grespania

  • Use

    Interior and Exterior walls and floors, Ventilated Facade, Furniture
  • Applications

    Residential, corporate, retail, healthcare, hotel, public
  • Characteristics

    Lightweight, hygienic surface, scratch resistant, waterproof, impact resistant, wear resistant, stain resistant, UV resistant, environmentally friendly, frost resistant, chemical resistant, fire and heat resistant
  • Format

  • Sizes

    1000 x 3000mm, 1000 x 500mm, 195 x 1800mm, 200 x 1500mm | Thickness: 3.5mm, 5.6mm
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More about this product

For years porcelain tile has been a material that provides excellent mechanical and aesthetic benefits in a range of uses. Its small size and heavy weight, however, have limited its potential use.

Coverlam large-format porcelain tile in Wood finish has the mechanical and aesthetic benefits of Porcelain but in a lighter, thinner format. Thanks to the introduction of lamination pressing technology, it is now possible to produce a 300 x 100 cm large-format porcelain tile which may be as thin as 3.5 mm.

Coverlam Wood Finishes

Coverlam Wood Cerezo Coverlam Wood Nogal
Coverlam Wood Cerezo | Grespania undefined

Industry 4.0

The term ‘Industry 4.0’ refers to the concept of the ‘smart factory’, and consists of the digitization of production processes by means of sensors and information systems making processes more efficient.

Grespania leads the way in the ceramic sector, having already implemented this plant management system in its Coverlam Factory; all its processes are automated and interconnected via the internet, and can be managed remotely.

Industry 4.0 characteristics:

  • Flexibility: Customization of production batches
  • Re-configurability: The ability to adapt quickly and economically to changes in the product
  • Digitization of production processes: connecting and integrating the different phases and equipment involved, in order to provide reliable, real-time information on the resulting products

Large-Format Tiles

Coverlam is manufactured in pieces of up to 1200x3600 mm and is sold in various formats, created by dividing up the initial piece with an automated cutting system. The 3.5 mm thick Coverlam models are composed of a porcelain base and a 0.5 mm-thick fiberglass mesh adhered to the back. As a result, the mechanical strength of the piece is substantially improved.

Fewer Joints

The large size of these pieces means a considerable reduction in the number of joints between pieces, such that the joints represent less than 1% of the total surface area. This makes floors and walls tiled with Coverlam more attractive, minimizing the joints that disrupt the aesthetic harmony of those spaces and creating an almost unbroken expanse. In addition, if Coverlam tiles have been treated with H&C tile coating—also produced by Grespania—the photocatalytic properties boost the self-cleaning and bactericidal effect of Coverlam.


  • Transportation Centers

    The reduced number of joints required along with its visual appeal make Coverlam the ideal material for tiling the walls of transport centers. Its high resistance to deep abrasion and minimal porosity mean that it is highly-suitable for flooring in heavy-footfall areas. In such cases, we recommend an appropriate product thickness depending on the level of traffic in each area.

    Coverlam brings the characteristic properties of technical porcelain to a surface area of 1000x3000 mm, thus allowing spectacular finishes, especially in high-traffic public areas.

  • Facades

    Coverlam Wood Cerezo used in the facade of Racó De L’Arnau Restaurant

    Thanks to unbeatable technical and aesthetic properties, Coverlam can provide constructive, innovative solutions to any project. When used for façades, its large formats and range of available sizes mean installations can be completed in fewer steps and makes it adaptable to any project design requirements.

    Coverlam façades coated with Grespania H&C Tiles treatment play a key role in eliminating atmospheric pollution, especially NOx. The photocatalytic properties of the H&C Tiles treatment also help generate a self-cleaning function; any organic dirt particles that may stick to the façade are eliminated thanks to the hydrophilic surface and the active oxygen released.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    There are extremely exacting standards for hospital flooring when it comes to health, hygiene and disease prevention. That’s why the hospital sector typically uses flooring that doesn’t require joints and thus minimizes the presence of bacteria.

    Grespania’s large format Coverlam reduces the number of joints in the flooring of hospital facilities and the H&C treatment helps ensure compliance with the strict hygiene and disease prevention requirements.

  • Refurbishment

    Coverlam can easily be placed on walls and floors, over the top of any material without the need for demolition. This eliminates the typical inconveniences associated with renovations, such as noise, dust, and debris, thus reducing working time. Its minimal thickness and low weight facilitate storage and transportation and do not overload the existing structure.

    There also considerable savings as a result of low debris generation. In this regard, virtually all the costs associated with the management and disposal of debris generated during renovation are eliminated.

  • Interior Design

    Coverlam Wood Cerezo used in the interior of Racó De L’Arnau Restaurant

    Thanks to its easy cutting and handling, Coverlam is an ideal material for covering fixtures or surfaces that require exacting finishes.

    Coverlam’s 300 x100 cm format makes it a suitable material for covering large surfaces, providing all the mechanical and aesthetic characteristics that distinguish porcelain tile.

Latest projects with this product:

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