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Facade Envelope - Ecofacade Envelope | Effisus
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Facade Envelope - Ecofacade Envelope | Effisus

  • Use

    Facade protection
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Eliminates condensation, durable, elastic, waterproof, thermally insulative, acoustic
  • Format

    Integrated system

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More about this product

Effisus provides weatherproofing solutions for building envelope construction with a range of solutions for roofs and facades. Weatherproofing helps to maximize a building's performance and increase its lifetime. Effisus focuses on optimizing solutions for every project, supported by extensive consulting services.

Effisus Ecofacade Envelope System ensures facade air and water tightness while enabling the proper management of water vapor. It eliminates the possibility of condensation and conditions associated with moisture, maximizing energy efficiency and acoustics. Using the system improves the quality of indoor air thereby protecting the health of the building users. The integrated system is efficient and sustainable with all of its components functioning as a unit.

  1. Effisus Breather Membrane

    The Breather Membrane assures effective protection of the thermal insulation by preventing the passage of damp while allowing evaporation of retained moisture and ventilation. Those elements contribute to ensure greater longevity and increase the thermal insulation’s effi­ciency, guaranteeing effective protection of a facade's structure.

    A choice of options is available.

  2. Effisus VAP Membrane

    The Vap Membrane is a water vapor barrier assures e­fficient moisture management by preventing the passage of water vapor and the formation of condensation inside the structure of a facade and adjoining the thermal insulation, which would eventually lead to degradation growth of fungi or mildew. In turn, those elements result in increased thermal insulation longevity and e­fficiency.

    Different options are available.

  3. Effisus Ecofacade Membranes

    Ecofacade membranes
    perfectly seal joints between facade elements, they allow for lengthening of up to 300% without losing their form which accommodates thermal or structural changes occurring in the building. They retain their elasticity and extensibility when subject to temperatures within a -40°C to +140°C range and offer superior durability, with an expected 50 years of useful life.

  4. Effisus Ecofacade P-FIX and Effisus Ecofacade SA-Edge Membranes

    The Ecofacade P-Fix Membrane is a solution with casing pro‑le for window casings enabling quicker application times, requires fewer accessories, and is less prone to application errors. Ecofacade SA-Edge membranes incorporate one or more adhesive bands at their ends, either fitted to a single side or to opposing sides.

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