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Fiber Cement Garden Planters | Swisspearl
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Fiber Cement Garden Planters | Swisspearl

  • Use

    Planters for exterior and interior.
  • Applications

    Residential, urban, commercial, corporate, parks, gardens.
  • Characteristics

    Planters crafted by hand, resistant to low temperatures, UV-resistant surface coating, moisture regulating.

More about this product


Manufactured by hand, the wet fiber cement is molded into shape to make garden planters. Then following drying, resource-protective processes are used to create frost-proof objects, each of which is unique. Indeed, every Swisspearl product delivers an exemplary environmental balance, lasts for generations and provides a reminder of the inventive spirit of the original.


From nature for nature. The ideal material for green oases.


The original, entirely recyclable and made from a special blend of cement, cellulose, fibers, air and water that defines fiber cement. A highly resilient material with cornerstones formed by a pronounced innovative spirit and natural, regional raw materials, which in unison, create trendsetting architecture.

Swisspearl Fiber Cement Garden

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