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Coatings - Etalbond The Composite Panel | Elval Colour

  • Use

  • Applications

    Building Renovations, Internal Partitions, False Ceilings, Bus Terminals, Gas Stations, Column covers, Curved Fascias, Building entranceways, Toll stations, Container Constructions, Machine coverings, Equipment enclosures, Architectural Claddings, Internal Wall Coverings, Internal Decoration, Signage and Exhibition Stands.
  • Characteristics

    Outstanding strength-to- weight ratio, Increased rigidity, Rapid installation, Excellent UV characteristics, retaining colour after extended exposure, Easy maintenance - pollution, acid, alkali and salt resistant.

More about this product

etalbond® by Elval Colour is an Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) for construction projects worldwide.
etalbond® panels are designed with a special aluminium alloy that presents the right balance between rigidity and flexibility. High wind load capacity and strong penetration resistance are complemented with soft bending for the most demanding facade formations. The strips are rolled and coated in the company’s facilities with the outmost care and in compliance with the most demanding European and global norms. The panels are light, highly rigid, absolutely flat and are presented with the most durable coating qualities.


etalbond® by Elval Colour is available in three different cores. etalbond® PE with low-density polyethylene, etalbond® FR with a fire-retardant core and etalbond® A2 with an incombustible core, suitable for the most demanding applications, which complies with all fire safety requirements for external cladding.


etalbond® is an absolutely flat panel with extreme strength and low weight. This very flexible
material, can add a touch of architectural elegance and an attractive design.

etalbond® is a building material that can be easily formed to a small radius, allowing a
greater variety of shapes than many other competitive building products.
Undoubtedly, an etalbond® cladding system will substantially improve the aesthetics of any
old building and even increase its property value.

Composition of etalbond® PE, FR & A2


  • Protective plastic film
  • High Quality Coating System
  • Aluminium Alloy EN 3105, H44
  • Adhesion Promoter
  • Adhesive layer
  • LD Polyethylene / Fire Retardant / Incombustible*
  • Adhesive layer
  • Aluminium Alloy EN 3105, H44
  • High Quality Coating System or Primer Coating


Solid colours

From vibrant colours to conservative shades, solid colours create a unified appearance
without the need of special effects. The whole range of RAL and Pantone at your disposal.
Gloss: from 5% to 80+%.

Premium Metallic and Dual/Prismatic

Changing light conditions and perspectives give these elegant colours a glowing, vivid
appearance. Gloss: from 5% to 80+%.

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