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Late- Rakenteiden started operations on 1 February 1945 as a company called Oy Laivateollisuus Ab. Oy Shipbuilding Ab was established to manufacture warheads with sails and engines for the Soviet Union.

Glulam was used in ship arches, deck beams and masts. The last gold runner, Zarja, was handed over to the Soviet Union on September 18, 1952, and the last wooden ship left the factory in 1958.

When designing the last wooden ships, plans were made to utilize the gluing experience in the construction industry. The first deliveries of glulam to the construction industry were made in 1956 and Late became a pioneer in glulam production in Finland.

After various ownership changes, the factory was owned by Wärtsilä Marine Industry in the late 1980s. In the winter of 1988, a decision was made to stop shipbuilding in Pansio, and at the same time a new owner was sought for the glulam factory. In May 1988, three of the company's then employees submitted their own bid for the glulam mill, two of whom are still in the company's management. On December 8, 1989 the contract was signed and on January 1, 1989 Late-Rakenteet Oy started operations. As a result of the transaction, all employees of the glulam plant were transferred to Late-Rakenteiden and our operations will continue in the same premises at Pansio in Turku. Our main product today is glulam (glulam beam, glulam) used for the frame construction of buildings.


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