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Elle McPherson wasn't being flippant when she (rather modestly), said: "It's all in the lighting." By that she obviously meant that it is the job of good lighting to enhance, not just illuminate If anyone knew that, it was Peter Tovo.

Our founder, was renowned as a specialist "still life" photographer and "big sets" cinematographer. A perfectionist, (let's not forget he is Italian), he often designed and built his own lights for the subtle or dramatic effect he wanted. From his heritage of creativity, craft and innovation, Tovo lighting was born.

This synergy of "lighting for people" and "lighting for the environment", is in principal our philosophy. Proudly, it's what we believe differentiates Tovo lighting from others. Being the first Australian lighting company to specify 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel in our products proves our obsession with quality. Over forty years later, our resume nowadays includes a broad scale and scope of business.

From "walk ins" who just need a few lights "off the shelf" (so to speak). To larger and more challenging projects working with many of Australia's leading architects, designers, specifiers and developers.

It is our commitment to quality of product and customer service upon which our reputation stands.


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