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Garnica emerged from the observation of the environment and a strong vocation that have turned the group into the first international poplar plywood manufacturer in terms of volume and quality.

Observing the environment enabled us to see the great potential of poplar as a plantation tree and gain confidence of its many advantages in comparison to other species.

Such confidence alone would have not been enough to achieve the goals of the group. Our industrial vocation and the entrepreneurial spirit of the organization has been driving our growth for over 75 years. In addition, continuous improvement and great enthusiasm to overcome new and larger business goals has been essential.

During more than 75 years, Garnica has managed to develop its own business model: genuine and difficult to imitate by other companies, it has turned the group into a company with its own personality.

This business model is based on several pillars of knowledge within our organization, which are:

– Poplar as a sustainable specie, as timber, as raw material for plywood production and for its high ecological value.
– Plywood Manufacturing Process.
– Plywood Manufacturing Technology.
– Glueing Techniques and Materials.
– Continuous Improvement Processes
– Total Quality Management

These pillars of knowledge enable us to carry out a comprehensive control through our supply chain, as well as through our own production process. The result is a high-quality and efficiently-produced plywood board.

The quality of our products makes it possible for Garnica to be recognized as a brand for its quality, sustainability and trust within its market segment..


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