Swarnabh Ghosh


"Post-Digital" Drawing Valorizes the Ordinary and Renders it to Look Like the Past

This article was originally published by Metropolis Magazine as "Can’t Be Bothered: The Chic Indifference of Post-Digital Drawing."

In architectural circles, the appellation “post-digital” has come to mean many things to many people. Some have used it as a shorthand descriptor for the trendy style of rendering that has become popular among students and, increasingly, architectural offices. Others have used it to describe a more profound shift in architectural production that is at once inoculated against the novelty of digital technique and attuned to the sheer ubiquity of “the digital” in contemporary life.

DOGMA’s Stop City (2007) polemically juxtaposed massive monoliths against traditional urban forms. Image Courtesy of DOGMAGarage House. Image Courtesy of Fala AtelierChiado Apartment. Image Courtesy of Fala AtelierGraça Apartment. Image Courtesy of Fala Atelier+ 7