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A recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Architecture, Collin is currently living and working in Austin, TX.


The World's First Freeform 3D-Printed House Enters Development Phase

WATG Urban's first prize design for The Freeform Home Design Challenge in 2016 is now moving one step closer to becoming a reality. Since winning the competition, WATG's Chicago office has been developing the winning design, dubbed Curve Appeal, alongside Branch Technology. Curve Appeal is now undergoing the "wall section testing, research and development phase" with an anticipated goal of breaking ground later this year. This revolutionary project could change the way we construct complex, freeform structures.

Courtesy of WATG Urban Courtesy of WATG Urban Courtesy of WATG Urban Courtesy of WATG Urban + 11

Observation Tower Adapts Chinese Typologies to Create Dynamic Public Space

A proposal for the 'NaTian' Cup International Design Competition, "The Gentle Giant" from Stefano Corbo Studio acts as a continuation of the existing bridge providing a unique path for the public, as well as a visual link to the surrounding Flower Farm area. The proposed landmark combines the vertical presence of Chinese "Pagodas and Porcelain Towers" with the dynamic geometry of the Great Wall, whose powerful arrangement has a direct relationship to its changing topography.

A "Double Skin System" Provides an Alternative Office Design for Tropical Urban Environments

Courtesy of Inrestudio
Courtesy of Inrestudio

In response to the tropical climate of Vietnam, this proposed office building uses a "tropical double skin" to moderate heat gain while improving acoustic resistance from the noisy streets of Ho Chi Minh City. This design comes from Inrestudio and proposes the use of the "tropical double skin" as an "alternative office design for tropical urban environments." The facade consists of modules, each approximately 400 cubic millimeters, made up of six steel rings. The system of modules on the facade support planters filled with various plants and trees, casting kinetic shadows on the interior of the building.

2 Hermanos Cabin / WMR Arquitectos

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