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Ana Rodríguez

Estudiante de la Escuela Nacional Superior de Arquitectura de Paris Malaquais.


AD Classics: Fundació Joan Miró / Josep Lluís Sert

© Denis Esakov
© Denis Esakov

Located on Montjuic hill in Barcelona and designed by the rationalist style architect Josep Lluis Sert, ​​the Fundació Joan Miró (Joan Miró Foundation) is a unique space imagined by Miró with a dream of bringing art to the entire world.

The construction of this museum in 1975 was a major event in Barcelona because at the time there was a lack of cultural infrastructure in the city. Now 40 years have passed and the Foundation’s spaces host the work of Joan Miró as well as temporary exhibitions of emerging artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

© Ana Rodríguez© Ana Rodríguez© Ana Rodríguez© Ana Rodríguez+ 24

8 Excellent Examples of What Innovative 21st Century Schools Should Look Like

If we think about how the educational system worked in the past, we can quickly see that both the teaching style in schools as well as the school’s infrastructure were very different from the current system. The educational model of the twentieth century could be defined as being similar to the "spatial model of prisons, with no interest in stimulating a comprehensive, flexible and versatile education."

However, we are now at a time when social, economic and technological developments have created a more global society and where information and learning are becoming more affordable. This radical change has transformed the societies in which we live, leaving the current educational model based on a rigid and unidirectional teaching obsolete. 

As such, there are schools that have not only broken the mold of traditional teaching but have formed new educational standards, exploring new paradigms and opening up new possibilities within the design of educational spaces. Since architecture and educational models often reflect the ideology of a society, how is the school of 21st century defined? 

Vittra Telefonplan / Rosan Bosch. Image Hakusui Nursery School / Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop. Image Cortesía de Yamazaki Kentaro Design WorkshopKwel Ka Baung School / A.gor.a Architect. Image Cortesía de Agora ArchitectsFarming Kindergarten / Vo Trong Nghia Architects. Image © Hiroyuki Oki+ 31

"Architecture for Children" Explains Why We Should Teach Architecture to Kids

During the 2015 school year, fourth-year students of the Ceip Praza de Barcelos primary school in Galicia (Spain) had the opportunity to take an introductory architecture course during school hours, thanks to the initiative of a local project called “Arquitectura Para Niños” or “Architecture for Children”.

Society today is under information overload, children need to learn to locate and filter it through and develop their own content, explains the initiative team led by Ana Barreiro, Marta Guirado and Africa Martinez.

Session 3. Image Courtesy of Taller AbiertoSession 5. Image Courtesy of Taller AbiertoSession 3. Image Courtesy of Taller AbiertoSession 6. Image Courtesy of Taller Abierto+ 16