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“Stepping through the dark gates, an atmosphere of green calm embraces you, gently disconnecting you from the rush and noise of the city.” The owners' intention of Hotel Graace is thrilling. Staged on an old factory site within an urban perimeter block the twenty-eight modular hotel rooms are linked together by a unique open space.  Set underneath the ancient steel-work construction, the hotel presents itself with lots of green outdoor spaces. In addition to the small courtyard in between the two wings, common areas on the first floor lead up to the fully green roof terraces.  The rooms have followed along the designing process, to become minimalistic, well-appointed wooden boxes with their cozy, warm atmosphere. The separation of the living and sleeping area creates a clear detachment of private and semi-public space, which is also visible in the organisation of the outdoor spaces. Small terraces on the backside provide a private retreat in contrast to the commonly used open corridor. View more View full description
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