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Knorr & pürckhauer architekten has completed a new building in zurich, which is located in the courtyard of a perimeter block development. the architects explain that these types of structures are commonly found across the city with uses ranging from workshops, offices, and medical practices to studios or even art galleries. this particular courtyard structure, located in zurich’s werd district, has been designed as an extension of a church’s retirement center. knorr & pürckhauer architekten, a firm led by philipp knorr and moritz pürckhauer, was asked to provide additional space for an existing retirement center run by the st. peter and paul parish church foundation. In addition, the new structure was seen as an opportunity to breathe new life into the courtyard as well as the surrounding neighborhood. inspired by max liebermann’s painting ‘biergarten in brannenburg’, the new building became the starting point for a comprehensive re-design of the courtyard. fences were removed, while a uniform gravel surface was applied to its surroundings. conceived as a neighborhood pavilion that serves the entire community, the new building comprises three stacked rooms that differ in terms of their appearance. View more View full description
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