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The role of a residence is to absorb and accept the different emotions and relationships that the family emits. Following this concept, a residence will function better if the “Yin” dominates. “Yin” in Japanese written as shadow, will simply exist without standing out but just watch over the family and this became the core concept in the design.  An apartment room, 43 years old was renovated into a warm, cozy and at the same time  a stylish and modern environment. Entering the house the black wall and the old concrete ceiling will be exposed with a soft light entering from a window and a carpet flooring leading the way into the house. The unique moment about this house from the moment of entry is the fact that it does not use the typical white wall and the wooden flooring that is furnished in Japan, but absorbing the light emphasizing on the “Yin” concept.  View more View full description
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