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The plot is located in the centre of Stará Červená Voda, in the former Sudetenland in the Jeseníky Mountains. The structure of a house with agricultural facilities in the form of a barn and a stable in the back originally stood on the estate. We decided to keep the granite walls of the barn as a memorial to the great stonework of the original inhabitants. However, the detached house, which was lined with mixed masonry of marl and bricks, was already ramshackle and could not be saved. Most of the stones were not taken to a landfill, but they were recycled and used as a filler for gabion fencing. A new wood-building detached house was placed between the original granite walls of the barn. A ventilated gap was preserved between the new and the original building, which was covered from above by plating. The construction of the house was complemented transversely by the construction of a studio / garage. Between the house and the studio, a multifunctional "square" was created, the centre of the entire plot. It is possible to dry clothes or do small do-it-yourself work, grandchildren can play here or the extended family can meet together. View more View full description
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