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Uma buluh is a guest house located on Jalan Raya Uma Buluh, Canggu. This guest house is design for mid term visitors that want to stay in the Canggu area for quite a long time. Uma buluh guest house was built on an area of 200m2. This guesthouse consists of 2 bedrooms for rent, 1 gathering room, 1 kitchen and dining room for sharing, 1 guest toilet, 1 main storage, garden, and swimming pool. When passing through the entrance, the ceiling at the entrance access is at a double-height, with the use of timber screens on the ceiling. The selection of materials in the form of gray concrete walls exposed red bricks as facades, concrete floors, and the use of plywood on the ground floor and 1st floor ceilings. In this guest house, the 1st-floor is designed with a volume larger than the ground floor with the aim of displaying outside like a floating building. The use of red bricks with a non-dense arrangement on the facades of the building aims to keep natural light to the bedroom and create unique lighting in the night time. View more View full description
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