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"Kutuzovsky XII" stands on Kutuzovsky Avenue, one of the main streets in Moscow. The area has a very distinctive style: the architects who worked on its appearance in the 1950s and 60s used a variety of classical techniques in their buildings. We reimagined their approach to classics to create a modern house. The main facade of the house consists of numerous transparent glass columns glowing during nighttime and creating the image of a floating crystal castle. We redesigned this fundamental structural element in a unique and fresh way of choosing glass as its shell material. Panoramic French windows make the building more monumental by visual height augmentation, and double-height halls give you the feeling that you are in a very special place. Besides, due to the entrance landscape, the green public space was expanded. We made the facade of the building symmetrical to make it fit the architectural context of the so-called Stalinist style. "Kutuzovsky XII" does not imitate the image of the past, but preserves the spirit and the style of the historic avenue. View more View full description
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