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Floating Nest, like many other tube houses in Saigon, is located on a narrow lot(4x12m) in a crowded residential area of the city, which is blocked by neighboring buildings on three sides, having only one side facing the exterior, yet, toward the West. Coming to NgNg, the owner, passionate about gardening, wanted foremost an airy and relaxing space after a tiring working day, with abundant green areas to satisfy her hobby back in the countryside.  To resolve the above-mentioned constraints while enhancing natural lighting and ventilation, we decided to omit partition walls within the house, using "greenery" and "void" to separate functional spaces. There are three large voids: a front and a back gardens, spanning all three floors, separating the streets and the house; a central light well, across the two upper floors, separating the home office from the resting area, the garden from the place of worship. View more View full description
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