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Paper Kite House is located in Jiuzi Park by the Suzhou River, which is the north gate of the Park. It was formerly the administration office of Jiuzi Park. It was built many years ago. Therefore, the overall style is heavily different from the modern open park, and the architectural image is relatively closed. It thus becomes the focus of the renovation of Jiuzi Park. Although it is only an inn with less than 200 square meters, we have undergone many revisions during the design process. In the beginning, we retained the main structure of the previous building, and tried to form a gray space for people to move through a cantilevered structure. We also tried a circular building to form a landscape. But finally we choose a concrete folded board. Under the folded board, a covered "grey space" outside the building is formed, which is a "fun" place for children to play. At the same time, the newly built building and the reserved site form a small square for people to stay. Above the folded board, we connect the inn to the park with internal path, which echoes the hilly terrain of the park. It also characterizes people's activities, forming a homogeneous floating state, enriching the spatial hierarchy, while softening the architectural boundaries, allowing the original buildings to be more integrated into the park environment. View more View full description
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