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Villa Ryysyranta II is an evolution of an earlier design of a private villa, with the same principles of maintaining a delicate balance between the fragile pine forestry and beach landscape and tradition-based contemporary architecture. The villa was designed to subtly blend into the island’s unique nature with the vegetation remain mainly untouched. The facades consist of special treated larch, with the indoors utilizing oil-treated larch through-out. The treated larch has a beautiful, grey tone – thus rooting the structure firmly with its surroundings. The sparse placement, scale and shape of the building masses and material choices with transparent design throughout root the building firmly with its surroundings. The enjoyment of the outdoors is maximized through-out the seasons with wide glass openings and large terrace areas. The villa was designed with the unique terrain of the plot in mind with high-quality, contemporary solutions. The sparsely placed building masses create a small-scale appearance and as a result the structure doesn’t overshadow the surrounding nature. View more View full description
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