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A new masterplan and building scheme has been designed for the Codrico Factory and Rijnhaven in Rotterdam. With the overall plan created by Powerhouse Company in collaboration with developer RED Company, the proposal includes a series of buildings by Mecanoo, SHoP Architects, Office Winhov and Crimson Architectural Historians. Called the "Codrico Terrain", the project aims to celebrate local industrial heritage and embrace change for the future. Rotterdam Rijnhaven has long been the site of the Codrico Factory and the iconic ‘green cube’, a building that's both a listed monument and a piece of Dutch heritage within the Rotterdam harbor. The factory’s industrial activities will be relocated to activate the site at Katendrecht. Working with the municipality, Powerhouse Company's masterplan centers on a landmark building to be built in the water in front of the factory and the new city park. The Codrico Terrai will include a tower by SHoP, the quayside building, the factory itself, and a structure on the field next to the factory. View more View full description
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