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The Brief was to design a house for a large family of 9 people consisting of two couples and 5 children in their teens. Also an area for domestic help was required. The concept of the project evolved from a close analysis of the family setups of large Indian families in the urban context and thus striving for a perfect balance between private and public spaces and also the inter relation between the generations. Planning - The house is essentially designed around a courtyard with all the public spaces overlooking into it. The varied scale of public & private spaces and there different interactions with the exterior was a central idea of the project. The public spaces have been expanded volumetrically to emphasize their importance as congregation spaces. The concept of a cross axis has been utilized in this project as well, an approach adopted by the practice for smaller houses. The vertical axis holds the entrance and is mostly transparent allowing visual connection within the house up to the backyard. The horizontal axis holds the circulation, with the staircase acting almost as an amphitheater overlooking the courtyard. View more View full description
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