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The fire station complex is located on a slope with a maximum difference in height of 20 meters, surrounded by continuous karst green peaks in South-East Guizhou province. The site has an irregular shape affected by the mountain on the West, while the complex faces a river on the East. Despite being located in a relatively independent area, the complex stands in-between the district main urban agglomerations, the old town and a cluster of several villages. With a direct connection to the main road axes, the complex serves an area of approximately 10 square kilometers, providing as well backup services for the old town and the nearby villages. Two sets of intersecting grid systems arrange the overall masterplan composition, interlocking with each other in relationship with the mountain topography. The southern group is arranged in a parallel progression with the river and includes the main fire station building, command center, training hall; together with the residential units, which can accommodate up to 160 trainees. View more View full description
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