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The restoration of Casernes was a project that aimed to showcase the history of the building and the modifications it had previously undergone throughout different eras. Gemma and Vicenç bought a row house that was divided into two separate dwellings – one located on the ground floor, and the other on the first floor, respectively. The building development planning had been very disjointed and, as a result, the building suffered from serious ventilation and lighting problems. Despite these issues, the building boasted some magnificent original features, such as great ceiling height between the two stories, ample width between the dividing walls, as well as charming structural and joinery/trim details that gave the building a character that we wanted to preserve. After selecting, cleaning, and restoring the distinguishing features to be preserved, the end result is a space where the original features contrast with newly built elements to create overlapping layers that stand testament to the history of the building and the lives written in its walls. View more View full description
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