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Yibin is one of the earliest and oldest cities on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and was called "Bo, "Rongzhou" and "Xuzhou", which is well-known as Southwest Half Wall Ancient Rong State. "Source" is the root of all things. Similarly, the root of No.10 Bamboo Lodge is bamboo, which is the beginning. My design philosophy is natural, rustic, environmentally friendly, so I will try not to destroy nature but to respect nature, which's why I like natural materials. I still hold the belief of One thought, one space, one world. "I want to build a" skin "to express the concept of space, but the decoration connected with the brain consciousness is to differ the specific parts of each space, such as floors, walls and ceilings and often the corresponding material inertia will be chosen with the purpose of making every part clean and tidy to show that this is the result of thinking. However, this type of decoration is to cover up the "dead" core, which, on the contrary,  makes it rigid and unnatural. Therefore, I want to free myself from this and rebuild skin, just as the one people or animals or plants, which I think is natural, open, and soft. View more View full description
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