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Da Lat - the place of the dreamers, home of the wanderer's pipe dreams, and somewhere during that journey, we need the right place to "rest our bones". So the peaceful station "Nap Am" will be the place that nothing could be better than. Located on a high slope and hidden deep inside a narrow alley of Da Lat, the project has both sides contiguous to different terrains, making it even more interesting. The striking feature distinctively from everything surrounded is the typical White and the architecture that represent the characteristics of this misty city. Notwithstanding, inheriting a modern architectural style, its façade has been entirely covered with a white painted steel layer as well as being CNC machined with its separately-design motifs. Besides that, the utilization of the painted steel material and the surface treatment appropriate to the rainy weather and the regional high humidity are also the most concerned factors of our design team. Being immersed in the daylight, the building has a completely contrasting nuance to its appearance when the night falls, furthermore, the whole building will be as bright as a lantern with the intentional light in order to create the optimal effects. This outstanding construction has already been the wonderful signage of itself regardless of the fact that it does not have any large signs around. View more View full description
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