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The concept for the Sutudio-Galería Di Vece is to create an atmosphere of a isolation within an environment that promotes a state of creative serenity. The experience starts at the Acces Bridge, a 15 mt long hallway, suspended between concrete walls, roughly finished, that ends up at the entry door; The gate is a heavy iron door, covered with fiber cement panels that embrace a line of light that marks the module key plan, not only for floors and ceilings, but also for walls, glazing and furniture. The courtyard, at the end of the hallway, functions as the sundial that marks the start of the summer season; a skylight through which the sunlight that filters through the triple hight and that also coincides with the slot at the door, naturally marks the exploded flooring system that coincides with the summer solstice. The sequence continues through an art gallery that vestibules the transition towards the working spaces; a nocturn character space that shows the visitor the artistic possibilities of architecture through an exhibit of art pieces that remind us of the origins of form and space, its colors and its textures. This is the threshold that invites us to reflexión and also prepares us for the creative process to which we will be subject to during our stay. View more View full description
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