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Surfing is both a sport and a way of life. As the art of he'e nalu, it mirrors design as a play between spatial experience and environment. Today, the commercial and cultural architecture of surfing has become increasingly common, designs that break away from iconic seaside homes and waterfront retreats to create new connections between the public, surfers and the ocean. The architecture of surfing has evolved to serve more than sports enthusiasts and notable surfers. Just as the sport itself is performed as either a solo pursuit or a group event, new clubhouses and seaside shacks are making space to draw people together and observe the sport unfold. Designed for surf schools, clubs and local gear shops alike, these projects are built across the world as they embrace surf culture. Sited on remote beaches and the outskirts of cities, they feature mixed programs, weathering materials and open plans as they celebrate the art and architecture of surfing. View more View full description
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