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Wuhan-Shiyan High-speed Railway (from Wuhan to Shiyan) is 399km long, with 12 stations along the line, connecting Wudang Mountain, Gulongzhong, legendary emperor Shen Nong's hometown, Yellow Crane Tower and other famous tourism spots. The tourism revenue of this region, so-called the tourism high-speed railway with the most beautiful landscape in Hubei, accounts for 70% of that of Hubei Province. With the opening of the Wuhan-Shiyan High-speed Railway, the distance between Wuhan to Suizhou will be shortened to 50 minutes only. The high-speed railway provides an unprecedented opportunity for the urban development of Suizhou, especially for the tourism. As a destination of tourism spot, the station will also become an important icon to present the local uniqueness. The Millennium Ginkgo Valley in Luoyang Town is one of the four ancient ginkgo landscapes in the world. During every Mid-Autumn Festival, the golden leaves fly around the ginkgo trees, becoming a paradise in the eyes of tourists. Hence, we follow tree structural system by creating a forest-like space. The straight tree structure has the most direct visual connection with the dynamic canopy, and clearly shows the logic of structural force transmission. Therefore, in the design of Suizhou South Railway Station, we integrate the natural artistic feeling of "under the ginkgo tree" into concept design from the perspective of presenting urban regional characteristics, so that tourists can get unique space experience. View more View full description
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