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Owner of a house with more than nine years of existence and armed with an entrepreneurial spirit that is natural to him, the client approached us with the problems well outlined. He intended to grow the house in order to reduce the waiting time of the clients, a space with a strong character that would fit with the remaining corporate image of the company and solve the problem of noise that arose whenever the house was full. Thus, with the problems well defined, we began by analyzing the corporate identity of the company, and quickly concluded that it should be designed so as to be able to transport the client to the gloomy environment of a wine cellar. Taking into account the pre-existence of the site and taking advantage of a series of structural constraints, such as pillars and sanitation pipes, we created a logic of arched porticos that reinforce the idea of a winery. We covered one of the walls with a mirror, taking advantage of the repetition of the arches, thus creating the illusion of a space of great amplitude. View more View full description
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