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This duplex apartment, included in a full renovation of a building from the 50s, is completely cleared to give rise to a continuous and fluid space, which connects all the rooms. It is a house without partitions. A single central piece of furniture, translucent and with a broken geometry, groups all the facilities and storage in the home. Like a backbone, it crosses the space longitudinally and qualifies it with its different services: air conditioning, light, kitchen and bathroom facilities, cabinets, etc. This satin-finished methacrylate and iron construction, along with the staircase leading to the rooftop, are the only new additions, entering an existing game board to bring new meanings: old doors with textured molding and glass, windows with stained glass, coexist with the concrete beams that we have uncovered and the raw steel profiles, building a more hybrid and complex image, the result of many influences that add up over time. View more View full description
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