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The town of Ecquevilly stands on the top of a hilly landscape opening onto vast fields. After the arrival of Renault’s factory in Flins, this village (which had grown according to its 16th-century castle’s layout) experienced three waves of expansion: first, a new large residential area, then an activity area, and finally a large housing estate. The latter has a typical modern morphology. A linear building, more than one kilometer long, stands out of scale compared to the town’s average scale. The project replaces one of the sections of this building: its demolition was carried out as part of the restructuring of the district led by urban planners JAM architecture-territories. The two separate plots of this operation are located at the border between the historic part of the town and the large modern buildings area. This unique situation requires a peaceful transition, resulting in a hybrid design that is both contemporary and inspired by traditional architecture. View more View full description
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